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Climbing up Ba Ra Mountain

(15:15:18 PM 21/02/2015)
(Tin Môi Trường) - If you want a new destination for your weekend getaway, you are advised to give Ba Ra Mountain in Binh Phuoc Province a try.


 Climbing up Ba Ra Mountain

A view of Thac Mo hydropower reservoir seen from the peak of Ba Ra Mountain 


Ba Ra Mountain, known as the third highest mountain in the southern region, after Ba Den in Tay Ninh Province and Chua Chan in Dong Nai Province, is over 720 meters high. It lies in Phuoc Long Town, which is around 180 kilometers from HCMC, and is easily accessible by road.


On the way to the mountain, visitors may enjoy traveling on the snaking road with vast rubber plantations on both sides. To reach the height of 700 meters, visitors can take a 15-minute cable car ride. However, it will be more fascinating to walk along the shady path and the steep stone stairway consisting of 1,767 steps leading to the top.


The beautiful path, over seven kilometers long, is under the shades of many different trees, most of them bamboo. If you don’t mind having some workout, a walk would be a nice experience. Since there are few short breaks during the climb, it will take you just around 30 minutes to ascend from Bang Lang hill, where the stone staircase starts, to the peak.


On the peak, you can take a panoramic view of Phuoc Long Town and the huge Thac Mo hydropower reservoir covering some 12,000 hectares.


A mountain climbing contest is held at Ba Ra Mountain on January 6 every year on the liberation anniversary of Phuoc Long Town with a lot of contestants from different areas taking part.