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Sharing database of environmental monitoring

(15:17:35 PM 17/10/2014)
(Tin Môi Trường) - In September, 23, in Hanoi, the Center for Environmental Monitoring (Vietnam Environment Administration) held a meeting to report on the management, exploitation, use and sharing the database of environmental monitoring to the units under the VEA.

The system of environmental monitoring database has been frequently updated by the Center for Environmental Monitoring. To date, the Centre has updated the data of 116,837 samples and 982,693 records of monitoring samples and 36,453,429 automatic monitoring records.

The Center has also recorded data from 2006 of 12 monitoring programs (for 2 components: water and air) of the VEA, 21 monitoring stations of the national environmental monitoring network (6 components of the environment: air, water, labor, solid waste, radiation, soil); provincial periodical monitoring data in 2012 and 2013, automatic monitoring data since 2009 of 15 monitoring stations (08 monitoring stations of water and 07 monitoring stations of air) have been updated according to the actual monitoring time.

Regarding the current state of exploitation and utilization of monitoring information, the Center for Environmental Monitoring has disseminated information and monitoring data to the community via the electronic portal and to the readers via the Environmental Journal. These data are also used for the report on the National Environmental Status and other reports. Besides, the monitoring data are available as request of organizations and units within and without the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

(NREN, translated by VEA)