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Vietnam, Germany launch climate change project

(17:15:12 PM 01/06/2015)
(Tin Môi Trường) - The ‘Strategic mainstreaming of ecosystem-based adaptation in Vietnam’ project was launched in Hanoi on May 29 following a signing ceremony on execution agreement between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) and the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ).



The project, which is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), will be implemented until 2019.


Addressing the event, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha expressed his hope that the project would be effectively implemented and achieve desired goals.


As one of the countries suffering the worst impacts of climate change , Ha said, Vietnam has issued many laws and policies to mitigate those impacts such as the National Strategy for Disaster Prevention, Response and Mitigation to 2020; and the National Strategy and National Plan of Action on Climate Change.


Ulrich Nicklas, representative of the BMUB, appreciated the traditional cooperation between the two countries’ ministries.


Vietnam is a priority partner of the International Climate Initiative and since 2008, 39 bilateral and multilateral projects, relating to CO2 mitigation, adaptation and absorption and biodiversity preservation, have been carried out in the Southeast Asian country.


Jochem Lange, GIZ chief representative, said that the agency would use its expertise and international experience to implement the project.


Da Nang city bustling with environment activities


A raft of activities are to be held in the central Da Nang city from May 31 to June 14 in response to the World Environment Day and Vietnam’s Sea and Island Week 2015.


The event will include a meeting to celebrate the World Environment Day, World Oceans Day and Vietnam Sea and Islands Week and a walk responding to the environmental event. A drill on coping with oil spill will also be held.


Localities and organisations will organize campaigns to clean up beaches and disused lands with the participation of an estimated 6,000 locals.


Da Nang city has seen big change and standout development after six years implementing a project to turn it into a green city.


The city is leading the country in waste management with 93 percent of all its solid waste collected and 100 percent of medical waste treated before dumping, while 98 percent of waste water from local industrial parks is collected and treated.


The rate of greenery in the city reached 6.02 s.qm per person last year.


Kien Giang province braces for climate change


As a coastal province with a 200km long coastline, the southern province of Kien Giang is facing great challenges posed by climate change and rising sea level, which requires the province to take quick and drastic actions.


Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Mai Anh Nhin said hydro-meteorological observations show that the sea level is rising by an average of 1 centimetre every year.


If the water level rises by 0.5 metre, more than half of the plain areas in the province will be submerged, exerting devastating impact on the local life and economy since the agro-forestry-fishery sector accounts for nearly 38 percent of the provincial gross domestic product (GDP), he said.


Since 2010, erosion has become more common along coastal areas, which affected hundreds of housholds in Hon Dat, An Bien, and An Minh districts, according to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.


At the same time, drought and salt water intrusion have worsened in dry season while high tides and floods became more serious over the year.


According to the province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Kien Giang province needs over 5.3 trillion VND ( 245 million USD) to build a sluice system and upgrade damaged sea dykes between 2015 and 2020 and beyond to cope with rising sea levels.


Director of the Department Nguyen Van Tam said the province is implementing a programme to upgrade the sea dyke system that runs from central Quang Ngai province to Kien Giang, and projects to upgrade the 212-km sea dyke from local Ha Tien town to Tieu Dua commune in An Minh district.


The construction of 27 sluice gates to prevent saltwater intrusion on the An Bien – An Minh dyke is also underway, he added.


Local authorities are exerting efforts to increase the coverage of protective forests as well as adjust and supplement development plans in accordance with the sea level rise scenarios, and improve management of flood-controlling systems.


The province has been allocated 59 billion VND (2.81 million USD) to implement three forestation projects in coastal areas. Meanwhile, the provincial authorities will set aside nearly 600 billion VND ( 27.7 million USD) to improve the irrigation system to serve aquaculture in Vam Rang – Ba Hon region in Hon Dat district and Kien Luong town.


It plans to carry out projects to improve infrastructure for coastal urban areas such as Rach Gia city, Ha Tien, Phu Quoc and Kien Luong towns, while studying plant and animal strains as well as agriculture models that are adaptive to climate change.


At the same time, the province will improve the quality of natural disasters forecast and keep a close watch on the issue to proactively mitigate the impact of climate change.


Kien Giang has around 8,770 hectares of land dedicated to coastal protective forests. However, only 2,950 hectares are currently covered in trees.

Bike ride marks World Environment Day


More than 1,000 people participated in a biking activity in HCM City's District 7 on May 30 to mark the annual World Environment Day (June 5).


The cyclists rode nearly 10 kilometres around District 7 and visited booths with information about five "flagship animals" in Vietnam, the Indochinese tiger, Asian elephant, sea turtle, sarus crane and saola.


Flagship species are selected to act as an ambassador, icon or symbol for a defined habitat, issue, campaign or environmental cause.


The Green Bike 2015 campaign, themed "Love our Forest – Love our Planet", called on the community to respect the capacity of the planet. It also aimed to promote the efficient use of natural resources and the protection of wildlife.


The event was organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham Vietnam, HCM City Chapter) in partnership with Intel Products Vietnam and the US Consulate General in HCM City.-


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